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4 Useful and easy to follow tips on finding a good tuition center for your kid

Presently there are plenty of recognized tuition centers. However, are you aware of which tuition center is good? Exactly, how are the studying environment and atmosphere? Are the teachers experience and patience enough to assist your kids? Well, I think these are the doubts that most parents will have when searching for a tuition centre..

Now, we are proceeding to take a look at a few factors of what make good and excellent tuition centres:

a) Do the teachers usually ask for any opinion and feedback?

Good teachers from professional tuition centres will constantly ask their pupils for feedback. Teacher who requires for an answer will typically be someone who is more reliable and responsible, and they have the wiliness to aid the college students. Moreover, it is very tough for pupils to learn and understand by on their own. If the teacher is able to assist the pupil to solve the questions easily, they can certainly solve the problems more quickly and able to move forward to the next level.

b) What are the experience and qualification of the teacher?

Parents should feel confident and comfortable with the teacher who they handed their kid to learn from. This is actually very important because the results of your kids will definitely be highly dependable by the teacher-in-charge. The teacher should have minimum a certificate of Education from Ministry of Education of Singapore. It is crucial as teachers having the proper certificate are well trained to deal with students in their studies.

c) Are there any tuition centers near the area of your residence?

If your kid can spend less time on travelling going to the tuition centre, they can make use of the priceless time to do revision for their school work. As a result, it is advisable to locate tuition centres nearby your house - Most likely 5-10-minute walking distance away from your residential home.

Unfortunately, if you couldn't find a tuition centre that is located nearby your house, what should you do? One good option is to engage a private home tutor to go to your house. Although the tuition fees might be a bit higher compared to a tuition centre, but your kid will get more attention from the home tutor because the lessons are conducted on a 1 to 1 basis.

d) Do those tuition centers do revision on the examination or test papers?

If you want to help your kid get more confidence on dealing with the upcoming 'O'-levels, 'A'-level exams, check with the teachers on how they offer to assist the pupils get ready for it! Obviously, pupils who had performed well in their studies is those who are really familiar with the examination syllabus. They ought to be confident enough in order to finish every single examination paper on time and with the most accurate answers and solutions.


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